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Case study

Nov 21, 2023

Brand identity

How infuse used Rhythm to redesign their entire creator brand and product experience.


1.5 Month


Brand style guide

Interior design

Signage design

Menu design


Infuse, a powerful monetization tool for creators, approached us with the aim of enhancing their brand identity and user experience. Their vision was to create a brand that resonated with a diverse community of creators while streamlining their digital platforms.

Project Objectives

Infuse sought to revamp its brand identity and elevate its user interface to attract a broader audience of creators. Additionally, they aimed to reinforce brand consistency across various touchpoints, including their website, mobile app, and marketing collateral.

Scope of Work

Our collaboration with Infuse spanned multiple phases including:

  • Brand Redesign & Style Guide

  • Website Design & Build (Site built in Framer)

  • Mobile App Redesign

  • Brand Elements, Packaging, Marketing Visuals

Communication Style

Throughout the project, our communication with the Infuse team was open, collaborative, and focused on aligning our design vision with their brand objectives. Regular check-ins and feedback sessions ensured a seamless workflow.

Phase 1 - Brand Redesign & Style Guide

We initiated the project by conducting an in-depth analysis of Infuse's existing brand elements. Through intensive workshops and ideation sessions, we redefined their brand essence and developed a comprehensive style guide that reflected their identity.

Phase 2 - Website Design & Build

Building upon the redefined brand guidelines, we revamped Infuse's website to enhance user engagement, navigation, and visual appeal. The design not only focused on aesthetics but also prioritized user experience, resulting in a more intuitive interface.

Phase 3 - Mobile App Redesign

Aligning with the website redesign, we extended the brand's new identity to the mobile app, ensuring a seamless transition for users between platforms. The mobile app redesign emphasized functionality and aesthetics for a cohesive user experience.

Phase 4 - Brand Elements, Packaging, Marketing Visuals

Expanding beyond digital platforms, we created a suite of brand elements, packaging designs, and captivating marketing visuals. These elements unified Infuse's brand identity across offline and online channels, reinforcing brand recognition.

Brand ROI Strength

The successful implementation of the brand redesign and cohesive design elements led to a notable increase in user engagement, a rise in new user sign-ups, and positive feedback from the creator community. Infuse's brand now stands as a beacon of simplicity and empowerment for creators worldwide.

Final remarks

Our partnership with Infuse exemplifies the transformative power of strategic design. By aligning their brand vision with user-centric design principles, we were able to not only elevate their brand but also drive tangible results, solidifying their position as a leader in the creator monetization space.

Here's what they said

"My team is always impressed by the quality of work Rhythm delivers! There's a direct correlation between the work they produce and the increase in revenue we've been able to generate from them building us such a strong brand."

Kevin Booker

Head of Marketing, Infuse

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